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STEM is a unique curriculum that integrates science learning with development of engineering skills in young children, using the latest technology and encourages them to interpret and analyze data using mathematical skills. Themes covered in STEM Club are Structure & Rigidity, Energy, Matter & Materials, Robotics, Creative Computing, A.I, Space Science, History of Life, App Development, Kitchen Chemistry, Backyard Science, Stats & Data, Scientific Investigation, Atoms & Universe, Fossils & Forensics, Mapping & Scaling, Measurement & Estimation, Mircro-Macro Scale, Machines & Mechanics & Environmental Sustainability

Earth Science

Forensic & Scientific Investigation

Astronomy & Space Science

Paleontology & History of life

Backyard Science

Energy Matter & Measurement

Micro to Macro

About Us

Edugenie is a social enterprise redefining education with innovative learning methods. We continuously research to develop effective methods that can bring transformation in three broad areas- learner’s mindset, skill-building, and teacher empowerment. Founded in 2012, our programs are molded with three core ideas:

• Learning should be engaging and meaningful

• Learning should be experiential

• Learning should be only by understanding

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