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Edugenie STEM Club

(for Class 5 & above students)

Expose your child to new-age technology and prepare them for the 21st century

Do you

sometimes feel like

  • You’re facing challenges in your own careers because of the fast-changing work environment, skill requirement and new-age job roles

  • You’re worried about your child’s future, particularly about their careers

  • You feel the need to prepare them for 21st-century jobs but don’t know where to start

  • Your child is interested in science & technology, but mostly end up wasting their time on the phone 

  • You don’t know how to engage them in any creative activity

  • The current education system is just not enough for your child 

  • There is no structured program for children to acquire the new-age skills

That’s how I felt too.

In fact, it was only into my first semester in engineering college when I understood that the current education system is taking us nowhere.

It was clear to me that the traditional learning systems were focussing only on reading and rote memorization.

And then all we had to do was recite the same to get good grades in exams.


That’s it.

That’s how our skills were being assessed.

No one seemed to care if we could apply our knowledge to any practical situations.

Where is the scope to think critically, apply logic, analyse or even relate to the real world? 

I knew something needed to be done about the situation.

Or else, the next generation of students will not be skilled enough to be employed or survive.
Do you realize how big the problem really is?

We are still following the 19th-century textbook models and 20th-century classroom models for education.

Do you really expect today’s learners to excel in the 21st century with the outdated education models?

Of course not.

That’s the number 1 reason why students lose interest. 

So, within the first semester of college, I made a decision.

I made it my life’s mission to build a system for students who have a passion for science to :

  • Expose them to new-age technology (with model building, field trips, and many more activities)

  • Introduce new ways of learning by experiencing (and no, we are not talking about new ways to make them memorize stuff)

  • Equip them with 21st-century skills (like critical thinking, reasoning, collaboration)

  • Make them independent learners (so they can go deeper into any field they find interest in)

  • Open pathways to many STEM-based careers (which are indeed high-paying and in-demand)

  • Get ready for the dynamic future (so that they can adapt to the changing needs and be industry ready)

  • Give a platform to polish and showcase their skills on an international level (e.g. Google Science Fair etc. )

How are we doing it? With Edugenie STEM Club.

Where STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

This Club is a year-long membership program where your child gets:

  1. STEM Kits, tools, and materials for hands-on experience with new-age technology

  2. Activity-based classes to build 21st-century skills

  3. Exposure to global events like Google Science Fair, NASA student programs, etc., to showcase and polish their skills

  4. Interaction with field experts to understand the current scenarios

  5. An integrated approach to learning and develop self-learning skills

  6. Exposure to new-age careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

The Edugenie STEM Club creates stimulating learning environments where children are encouraged to ask questions, observe, experiment and learn from their mistakes.

“But isn’t STEM all about Robotics?”

That’s a major misconception in society.

Robotics is actually a part of STEM.

STEM is a system where you learn different topics and concepts in

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

And yes, Robotics is one of the many topics covered in STEM.

“My child is too young to learn about STEM”


It’s the initial years of a child when they form their learning patterns.

Those are the years when you can mold their learning skills the most.

Once the adolescence period is over, it’s harder for them to change their learning patterns.

They can either learn by mugging up everything in their books.

Or they can learn by understanding the deeper concepts behind every scientific discovery or invention.

STEM is something that is best learnt by experiencing.

The choice is yours how you want your child to learn.

“My kid is not struggling with science or maths. He does not need STEM training now”

The skills taught in STEM are the same ones that your child will need to survive in the future.

The skills that got your kid through their school years are not everything they will need in the college years.

And definitely not the same ones when they join the workforce and industries.

From your own experience, you know that practical life is totally different from what you learn in the textbook.
But by the time you reach college or work life, it becomes too late to build these skills.

STEM is the platform that develops these very skills in your child right from their childhood.

The skills they will need to survive in the future.

“The program must be very costly since all these latest technologies you bring are expensive too.”

The materials and tools we bring are somewhat expensive, yes.

It’s not possible for every parent to buy all of these for their children. 

That would obviously burn a big hole in your pocket.

But that’s the whole point of this STEM Club Membership.

You don’t need to buy all the kits separately for your child.

With the Membership, your child will have access to all our kits and models, besides being


“But how will I know if my child is learning anything new? Or if their skills are improving at all?”

Good question.

Every child is made to document every activity they engage in at the STEM Club,

Be it in video, written or audio format.

The child uses their own words to communicate what they did and what they learnt in the activity.

It’s the digital notebook every child needs.

In addition to that, the child also gets to showcase their projects at our Annual Exhibition and other global events like Google Science Fair etc.

Want to make science fun for your child?


Want them to become independent learners? 

Want them to be ready for the 21st century?

Enroll them at Edugenie STEM Club today!

Best wishes,

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